Monday, April 15, 2013

Fire & Rain

We awoke this morning in a fog. It was a fog so thick that the outside world seemed almost to fade away, leaving only Latke and me as survivors within our front-seat universe. Nevertheless we set out, treading slowly and carefully through a world indifferent to our plans and itinerary.

At times, we dipped below the clouds and into the verdant landscape below – filled with history and culture and color and variety and spring’s new beginnings.  

But the world quickly darkened again. Despite my optimism that the darkness would blow over quickly and allow life to continue as planned, it seemed only to deepen. By 4:00 there were diversions and cancellations in order to deal with new developments. The world no longer seemed merely indifferent to our plans.

Yet I remain hopeful. No matter where we are, the rising sun tomorrow brings the promise of a new and brighter day. And even if the darkness continues to linger, the light will eventually return. And with it will come cookouts, hikes, camping, sunsets, starlight, and marathons. Because in the end, light always wins out.

Today was a dark day. And the weather was pretty nasty too.

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  1. What awesome, amazing writing!!! This should be published