Saturday, July 16, 2011

Major Computer Problems

Since last night, I've been having some severe problems getting this computer to do anything. Currently, the only way I can get it to boot is into safe mode, which will let me use Word and Firefox, but not much else. That means until this problem is fixed I can't upload any pictures.

A week before I left for this trip, I decided that my computer was too slow to be considered a computer, so I upgraded from Windows Vista to Windows 7. This was less than 2 weeks ago. For this trip, I basically need a computer to do 3 things for me: upload pictures from my camera, launch Word, and run Firefox. It worked fine until yesterday, when it refused to come out of hibernate mode for a good 20 minutes, and even then ran slower than the Vista version. Today, I came back to the hotel 2 hours ago, and haven't been able to boot into regular Windows at all. The thing has never created an autoamtic System Restore point, and my hard drive backup is in New Jersey. So, as I see it, I have no way to fix this thing. If that continues for much longer, I'm going to have to just buy a new one on the road.

So, that's why posts may not have any pictures for a while.

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